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Survivor 16GB - hangs past 4GB


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Hi, I have a CMFUSBSRVR-16GB.


When I write more than about 4GB (in several small files), Windows XP hangs while writing, the blue led stops flashing, then after a while I have a message (in French) about deffered writes that failed, and the volume no longer shows until unplugged and re-plugged.


Chkdsk gives the FAT32 volume a clean bill of health. I can reformat (either with Windows Explorer or the format command), but the problem recurs. If I open the drive with an hex editor, e.g.HxD, it won't read past about 4GB.The drive similarly acts strange on a Macintosh, after I write a bit less than 4GB.


Looks like some sectors right after 4GB are dead. I believe the problem occured the first time usage reached 4GB, that is after a few weeks of use.


Is there something to try before returning the Survivor ? If no, how do I arrange a return ? Note: I'm in France.



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  • Corsair Employees

Please try to format the drive from a command prompt with this syntax:

Format (X:) /FS:FAT32 /U (X=the drive letter assigned to the Flash Voyager)

If you still have problems we can get it or them replaced, please use the RMA request found in TSXpress or follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!

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Thanks for the prompt support. Tried that again:


C:\>format F: /FS:FAT32 /U

Insérez un nouveau disque pour le lecteur F:

et appuyez sur ENTRÉE lorsque vous êtes prêt...

Le type du système de fichiers est FAT32.

Vérification de 15679 Mo

Initialisation de table d'allocation des fichiers (FAT) en cours...

Nom du volume (11 caractères, Entrée pour ne rien mettre)*? Survivor

Formatage terminé.

16*040*616 Ko d'espace disque au total.

16*040*608 Ko sont disponibles.


8*192 octets dans chaque unité d'allocation.

2*005*076 unités d'allocation disponibles sur le disque.


32 bits dans chaque entrée FAT.


Le numéro de série du volume est 94D9-0CD3


Note: check during format was too fast to be honest; and blue led did not flash during that.


Then same issue reccurs.Will RMA. Regards.

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