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PCI-E problem + Squealing HX620


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I bought a new Geforce GTX 280 and HX620 psu last month and have been having a massive problem: The GTX often takes a while to be detected by the Bios and when it is, it is only running at PCI-E x1. It very rarely runs at x16 and will usually change back to x1 after restarting.


I have tried many things to fix it, bios updates, options, driver updates, removing/replacing in slot, different slot etc. none of which work. However when I use my old 8800GTS320 it works fine, constantly. The only difference I can see relating to the whole system is that the 280 uses much more power and has two power plugs. Is it possible that the PSU cant supply enough power for the 280 and hence it only runs @ x1 (with very slow performance)?


I have already RMA'ed the GTX280 in case that was the source of the problem but they tested it and sent it back saying it was fine, so the PSU is the only other new component.


Another small point is that the PSU exhibits an annoying high pitched squeal when using the GTX280 in certain game menus and movies (world in conflict and Stalker clear sky). I'm sure it's coming from the psu as I put my ear right next to it.


I've googled the PCI-E problem and read about many people with wildly varying setups having it, a common link in my mind could be a lack of power.


Right now i'm at a loss so any help is appreciated.



Ps. If I do have to RMA the PSU do I have to post it to the USA? That would cost about half what it paid for it so not the best solution.

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With these type of issues, I would suspect either a problem with the video card itself, the motherboard (likely the PCIE slot), the PSU, or a software/driver problem. I would suggest testing both the PSU and the video card in a different system if you have the option, as that would tell you for sure if the problem lies with the PSU or video card. However if you don't have the option, then we can replace the PSU for you, which should at least rule it out as a potential problem.


You can use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace it. Be sure to check the box that says “I've already spoken to Technical Support and/or RAM Guy.”

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I pretty much ruled out software by changing/updating the bios, chipset drivers, video drivers, and testing almost all of the vaguely relevant bios options. Also, my 8800GTS320 is working fine in the PCI-E slot, whilst the GTX280 had intermittent failures to detect, which doesn't sound like a slot problem to me.


I suspect it is the graphics card at fault but I just wanted to know if it could potentially be a power problem.


I've RMA'ed the PSU and GTX280 with OcUK, so I'll see what happens.

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