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CMX512 & CMX1024 together??


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Hello all,


I have a system custom built on a Giga-Byte P4 (HT) board that has been running 100% stable since I built it in 2003 using 2 x CMX512-3200C2PT (v1.1) memory. Outside of a power supply going bad 3 years ago everything is rock solid.


Well that was until I got 2 x 1GB of CMX1024-3200C2PT (v3.1) to give me 3GB of memory. Within days after that I started getting system crashes in the form of the screen going black and the system doing an instant reboot. No blue screens of death, no freeze ups or lock ups, just reboots. Sometimes it'd happen once every 3-4 days, but lately when doing divx encoding it was happening 5-10 times A DAY!!!


Before installing this memory I was able to overclock my system from 2.80 to 2.94ghz and run stable. With the memory addition I had to drop it below 2.80.


Last night I decided to confront this and removed the 2x512gb sticks and since then it's rock solid AND I'm able to overclock again. Memtest86+ indicates ZERO errors when all 4 sticks are together. I figured when purchasing that getting the same CMX series with only size different should run fine.


Is this a case where I might as well get another pair of CMX1024 rather than trying to get the 512s to work with the 1024's??



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