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Corsair XMS2 1024-6400 and XMS2 2048-6400


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Alright, so the last few months i've been throwing around some parts to see what I like, the last thing i'm focusing on is RAM. I already own a pair of PC6400 1024MB modules, running 5-6-6-24 @1020MHz, and want some more RAM but don't want to replace it. I'm looking at the PC6400 2048MB modules, which are same timing and voltage as my current stock ones; 5-5-5-18 @1.9v.


So my question, is it alright to run a pair of 1024 and a pair of 2048 together if they are the same modules only a different capacity? I do use a 64-bit OS so limitation is not a factor, but I also realise that the load from the memory controller is far more, so I will not be able to run my RAM at those speeds when using 4-up.


If needs be, I am willing to swap my current 2x1GB modules for 2x2GB modules, but I would prefer to keep them, i'm just unsure if it's going to radically alter how far I can push my system having all four DIMM's in operation.

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