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dead voyager (2nd time)


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hey guys, i brought a voyager 8gb about 8 months ago now, and my first one went 'kaput' on me, with no warning or sign of fault, so i had it replaced and all was well until, the other day i went to use my key and the same thing... no pc is able to pickup the key which worked fine less that 5 mins before.


upon further inspection it appears the usbheader has seperated from the flashmemory board and thus the thing is dead.


just wondering if this is RMA'able. or do i just bite the bullet and buy another usb key as it wasnt blatent damage to the unit, more just excessive use :laughing: ( i work with people who are constantly messing up their machines and up till this thing died, i had everything i needed to fix most things on the one key, which made my life just that little bit easier )

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