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Flash Voyager 8GB - Memory borked?


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I purchased an 8GB Flash Voyager from ebuyer approx 2 months ago and have been using it to install windows updates and such on non-networked pc's


I was looking through my pendrive for a specific file and when i opened a specific folder, the pendrive effectivly crashed, explorer became non-responsive. When i restarted explorer.exe and went onto the pendrive, it was reading as 0mb.. instead of 8gb.. which i thought was odd, replugged the pendrive in, it read it as normal, i went back to this folder and explorer crashed again.. i formatted the drive, copied the files back on, pretty much the same problem.


I used a usb read/write test and i found that at 4809mb, the test paused for a period of time, then carried on again failing every single sector that it scanned.


Should i contact Ebuyer and send it back to them? or send it back to Corsair using an RMA form or something?


Or does anybody know of a fix or something? i presume the memory is knackered.


Thanks, Andy

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