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Bad axe 2 D975XBX2 no post errors no post after 2 sticks of ram


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I can not get the system to post or boot. The screen stays on standby with no beep or Post errors. I can only load the bios with a single stick of memory. Any slot with one stick will load however once I add a second stick for Dual data mode the system will not post. I've tested it will XMS2 800MHZ Twin 2x512MB and Twin 2x1GB with 5-5-5-12 timing and with XMS2 800MHZ Twin 2x2GB sticks TWIN2X4096-6400C5. I tried bring the speed down to 667 MHZ and on the TWIN2X4096-6400C5 I tried to increase the voltage to 2.1v as suggested in another forum and neither worked. Help and help some more...


p.s. I even tried reseting the bios and updating the bios as well to the lasted release from the intel website.


Any suggestions?

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Yes it does work in single channel mode and the insteresting thing about that is when I first boot in single channel mode is says:


"The Amount of Ram in slot A does not match the amount of Ram in slot B. For better performance please use the same sized memory. Please enter to continue"


The best part is that they are TWIN sticks of memory.


Does that suggest a bad memory controller? It did work in dual channel mode when I first tested the board.

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