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RAM not running at stock speed?

Markus Aurelius

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I am no computer guru so please bare with me. I have a Maximus II Formula with 4 gigs of Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 RAM which should run at 1066 right? Why does CPU-Z should the max bandwidth as PC2-6400 (400MHz)? Should that not be simply PC2-8500 (533MHz)?


Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm just trying to understand. Plus the chances of getting in touch with someone at ASUS seems to be the same as finding a leprechaun.


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either you have posted the wrong screenshot, or youre looking at the wrong one.


the SPD tab only gives you static info, not the actual values. Those you can find under the memory tab.


How to read CPU-Z

and if that also gives you a 400mhz, you will need to manually input the speed/timings and voltage in your bios.


timings would be 5-5-5-15 and dram voltage: 2.1 volt

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Hey thanks for the really quick reply 007bont and thanks for the link. I don't mind going in and changing the settings myself, I'm just a little curious why it does not run the actual memory speed with my participation in the matter?


I read that updating the BIOS would add support for more memory options and correct speed differences, but going through ASUS easy BIOS update gave me CMOS ERR. Even after it said update successful. So I am in the middle of getting a new Maximus II.


It might not be worth it to update the BIOS if manually changing the settings works? What would your move be?


Thanks for the help

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