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JetWay 754GT3-PTD

The Vanguardian

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Hi Ram Guy,


I am looking to upgrade my 1 GB (2x512) to 2GB (2x1GB).

After asking another memory company, and looking up my motherboard on other websites, I'm under the impression that I need Low Density (64x8) memory, vs High Density (128x4). Is your VS2GBKIT400C3 low or high density?


I have a JetWay 754GT3-PTD motherboard, which isn't listed in your memory configurer, nVidia 410 or 430 chipset. (2GBmax, non-ECC, unbuffered, DDR400, 333, 266) AMD Athlon 64 3400+. Win XP 32bit.


Thank You

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