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question? how to config. system?


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I`m going to build some sort of workstation based on: athalon xp 2800 - have it already (it is gioing to be changed with AMD 3200 XP later) asus A7N8X-E DELUXE motherboard - have it already 2 x sata 120 gig HDD in RAID (dont know which brand yet. any sgestions?) abit 9600 XT 256 MB vivo video card Have it already bigist issue is which ram to get ? 1024 mb of PC 3200 dual chanel corsair but which ? I`m not looking to overclock the system , just something stable and reasonably quick PC3200 (just standard dual chanel)? PC3200C2 ? PC 3200 LL (low latency) ? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN PERFORMANCE AND STABILITY BETWEEN THEM ? AND WHICH OF THEM WOULD BE MOST SUTABLE AND STABLE FOR APPLICATIONS LIKE 3D STUDIO MAX, 3D STUDIO VIZ, AUTO CAD, LIGHT WAVE ......? Thanks CandyKid. I appreciate your previous answer ! Any replies appreciated !!!
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