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Intel DP45SG and 2 pairs of TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX = only 3GB


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After install everything (processor , memory , hard drive, etc etc) I was able to browse MoBo Bios which correctly reports 4GB at 1333Mhz .


Here start the nightmare. When i try to install Vista 64 or XP64 both fail after load all drivers(I wasnt able to see the second part of setup(with interface) , computer reset exactly after loading all drivers with BSoD 0000x8E or 0000x7E. Checking Microsoft´s support i discover that 000x8E or 7E is related with SATA so i (replace HD , add Intel´s Sata Drivers , read all intel/samsung foruns about it) nothing same problem again and again.


Completely clueless i´ve decide to remove memory leaving just 1GB of memory and.... It works! Vista 64 and XP 64 install without any problem. Cursing microsoft BSoD stupid messages i decide to shutdown computer and add all memory and see if it works.


It didnt ! and now i cant even acess my bios!. So i remove memory leaving now just 2GB and it works! I can acess BIOS and Vista Boots correctly and report 2GB... The "you know what lets try 3GB" spirit came up and i did it again. Shutdown/Poweroff add memory 1 more Gb and it works again... (Completely Clueless) :-S


So to end this wonderful story my system work with 3GB but not 4GB. All memories are fine , i am saying that because i replace memories between banks to see if it report a bad memory but it works without any problem if i stack only 3GB but not 4GB. Does anyone ever face a problem like that ?


Thanks in Advance



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For MoBo DP45SG you must install windows Vista or XP with 1-3 GB of Ram.

My memory is 1333Mhz but i suppose its valid for other speeds.


Are you up and running at 1333MHz with all 4 modules? Did the updates and service pack resolve the issue?

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It works , i have 4 GB with the following value.


CPU Frequency 333

PCI-E 100

Memory Remap Feature Disable

DRAM Frequency 667


tRAS 24

tRP 9

tRCD 9

twr = 8 (computer automaticaly put this number)

Twtr = 8(same as above)

TRRD = 48(same as above)

tRD = 8(same as above)


DRAM Voltage 1.65


Until now computer is working without problems. Next week i report how stable he really is.

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