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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D replacement are bad


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I recently RMA'd the same type of memory and waited a week just to have a crashing system again.

I sent in one good stick and one bad stick and recieved 2 worst sticks


im talking about 500 errors on the first pass with an average of 300-400 errors

each time i repeat this test.

I reset the bios over and over again, I doubt its the settings.

I used the same settings to find out which of my sticks were good last time.

I need a pair of sticks that work, this is taking alot of my time and my money.

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Ill try and use them in a different slot... but i dont think that the slots are broken since ive been using them all this time with ddr800 ram with no errors.


I dont have the luxury of having another board that supports 1066 ram.


I honestly think both these sticks are bad since I have had a Good stick before that ran without issues. But I had to RMA both to get a matching pair of sticks.

they both match alright... to bad they lock up at stock specs.

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