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xms memory pc3200 question


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hi, i have two sticks of 512mb of xms memory.


1. is a pc3200pt 2,3,3,6


2. is a pc3200xlpt 2,2,2,5


my mother board is a assus a7n8x-d


so if i run one stick at a time in my computer i can run my game (counterstrike source) and it loads and plays the game.


if i try and run both at the same time in either single or dual, windows will load fine, and will see 1gig of memory, but when i go to load (counterstrike source) the screen flashes a few times, and then comes back to windows with a memory error. i cant remember the error exactly.


iv tried going into the bios, and running the memory at 3,3,3,8 and seting everything to auto, agressive, and it still does not make any differents.


is it because the two sticks of memory are slightly different?

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