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pc killing powersupply


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my pc keeps killing corsair tx650 psu the 1st one went bang 2nd one start to spark now on the 3rd psu what do you think could be the problem (got a surge protecter and check all cables)


my pc


asus m2n4 sli motherboard

bliss 8600 gt

corsair xms2 ddr2 1024 pc6400 matched

amd athlon 64x2 duel core 6000+ 3ghz

corsair tx650 psu

maxtor 80gb sata hard drive

asus sata dvd rw

vista hp 32bit




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they would last about a month the first 1 went bark and the second 1 started sparking after a month but i think it could of been a faulty fan could this what it was... so far no probs with the new 1 i hope... thanks for the help


That is very strange, lets hope the 3rd PSU is a charm here, but if you have another similar problem, then there has got to be some other factor. It could be the motherboard, or even the power in your home thats causing the PSUs to fail, so its really hard to say for sure.

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