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HX-1000 & Silverstone TJ-09


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I'm about to do my annual PC upgrade. As part of the new hardware Im ordering I wanted to switch out my enermax galaxy 1000w (since it's had ongoing problems with false alarm beep codes) with the Corsair HX-1000.


Im going to keep my Silverstone TJ-09 which is a pretty huge case that has the PSU mounted at the bottom.


Does anyone know if the cables on the HX-1000w will present any issues in this case for length? I can't find specs on the exact length of the galaxy's cables and I don't want to tear the current sytem apart to measure them but the TJ-09 demands rather lengthy cables. Im a fiend for wire management so I dont want to have all the wires running all over the place in plain sight either.



Thanks :)

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