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recently upgrade system (p5n e sli ) with 4 gb of ram

previuosly have xms2 2x1024 pc6400c5 dhx setting at 1,8v

no problem or crash

from 3 day buyng xms2 2x1024 pc 6400 at 1,9 volts

no lucky for windows start ...every time freezes or crashing

memory setting at at 2,085

tryng at @2.085 667 stable but memtest86 encour 11 error

tryng different bios from 608 to 901 to 1201 and back to 608

stable at 667 at 2,085 but memtest86 11 error in test retest

at at 2,08 but memtest86 encounter 3 error.

tryng single new ram on slots and memtest runnig fine for sever hour at 667 at 22 @2,085

but finally i t5ook 800 mhz running memtest86 for 3 hour and othos for 1 horu no error ...

setting all at 31 @2,175

question:is voltage for dram to0 high?

my board can handle only 2 value for 2,1 (2,085 to low for my ram setting, 2,175 seems right great stabilty and no crash)

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