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Asus P5E3 and TW3X4G1600C9DHX


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i have problem with this combination

i have 4 modules of tw3x4g1600c9dhxnv g memory and they all work at 1333 frequency .

i have tried what i read here



but my pc doesnt start at all. anyone who have solve that problem?


i have the latest bios of my asus p5e3

my cpu is q9550 not overclocked yet...


also at cpuz the memory has the name pc3-10700h 667mhz

and doesnt apear any 800mhz option only 667mhz 9-10-10-25-34 at 1.5v

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After hours looking for that problem, i would like to mention that i have 8gb, and they support epp2.0 ,profiles for nvidia boards,is this a problem?

can i set it manualy anyway?

my mobo doesnt even start, when i chose the 1600 mhz setting..

i manage to boot it only with fsb at 390 mhz and multiplayer at 8

so the memorys was at 1580 mhz i change the voltages but i didnt manage to turn it on when i reach the 1600 mhz

any help by the ram guys

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hi all.


with the new 0705 bios my p5e3 premium runs stable with 8gb of twin3x160c7dhx at 1600mhz and timings,moving 8,5gb/sec.


ram voltage 1.88

nb voltage 1.35


this is almost 1gb/sec more than in 1333mhz.


you can try it out....

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No problem..


must admit after raising cpu speed to 3,6 i got the nonpaged area...

so now it goes 1600,11,9,9,29 and raised ram voltage to 1,90.

maybe there is even better timings if you skew the ram,like the one in cebit 08'

raising the voltage might have been enough but i let it go with the 29 since there is no difference anyway.

on the contrary the nb voltage is lowered to 1,33 volt.

now its rock steady again.

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