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Help on RAM for Asus P5Q Pro


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Hi Ram people,



I'm about to buy some new RAM for my P5Q Pro and wanted a bit of advice and some grey areas cleared up for me please.


I plan to buy TWIN2X4096-8500C5D. These are supported on the P5Q Pros QVL


and the mirror on Corsairs site




But here is were the grey bits come in for me. They both refer to TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF ... What does the F stand for and are they the same product? I assume the D stands for Dominator =/ I think.


I'm in the Uk and this is what I plan to get: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/148815/show_product_specifications?spectype=extended


As you can see I'm new at this, I also wanted to know how to install the RAM: Will it be a case of putting them in and leaving things on Auto or will I need to put in the settings manually?

I see also that a lot of people have trouble getting the memory working at 1066 and often need to multiply the CPU speed. Will I also need to do this?


Thanks for all your help! :):

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Thanks Ram Guy, :D:


So I'd just set the timings to 5-5-5-15-2T @ 2.1V and that will get me the 1066MHz or will I have to set it manually to 800MHz and tweak the CPU multiplier like I have read here, as it seems to be the answer to many problems?


I have a Intel Q6600 by the way.

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Thank you again,


One last thing. Will this ram work right away [say with the MB set on default/AUTO] @ 800MHz or less. See I'm wondering how you get into the BIOS in the first place to change these settings. Will I need an older stick of ram to get in to the BIOS?

I ask this because I recently had problems were I couldn't POST at all [The RAM turned out to be faulty] to change any settings with out using an older stick, so I kept having to swap in and out new and old RAM. I was wondering if this was normal or just due to my situation with the faulty RAM?

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NO I answered that previously please read what I posted before.



If the system will not post when set to the tested setting them test the modules one at a time and make sure it is not some other problem.

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