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P5N-E SLI Memory


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I'm running a P5N-E sli capable (so they say) of running 8 gig's of memory at 800MHz.


Now, It runs 6 gig's just fine at that speed....But heaven forbid I add chip #4. It'll become unstable.


I've now set the memory to 667, and it's stable and happy again. But I wanted to see if anyone has any advice. here's some info.




Vista Ultimate 64 btw, so i can use that much wink.gif

Memory is Corsair XMS2 6400C4DHX


FSB - memory clock md - unlinked

FSB (QDR) 1066

MEM (DDR) 667

Mem Voltage 2.085V (closest to 2.1 I can come, which is where the memory is rated)


tCL 4

tRCD 4

tRP 4

tRAS 12



Now if I am unable to change the clock speed, will that let me adjust the latency?



Please advise and ask for any info you require.







Any advice on bios settings will be welcome :)

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Doesn't work, memtest doesn't support Vista64.



I tried that before. Anyways, the system is stable but unable to run at the advertised 4-4-4-12.



I am running it at 5-5-5-15 and it works just fine. I've tried voltage levels on the NB, as well as the memory voltage levels to just above and below 2.1V (the stock voltage.) As 2.1 on the dot isn't an option for my MB.


The problem is one of two things. Either it's the Motherboard (Asus P5N-E SLI) or it's the Corsair Memory. Tomorrow, i'll take a final crack at it and if I can't get it working. I will no longer buy either of their products.


BTW, I can run Prime95 for hours on all 4 cores with maximum memory alotted with no problem. That is, with the memory either underclocked or the latency adjusted to slower then norm. This makes me think that I'm stuck with a product that doesn't perform as advertised.



I'd love to use memtest, if only it worked on 64-bit.



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What is the advantage of running memtest now? It's a waste of a cd atm.



I ran prime95 for the past 12 hours, not a single crash at 5-5-5-15.


If I even start windows at 4-4-4-12 (which is starts maybe 25% of the time) regardless of voltage....It will freeze and crash soon there after.






Though, if i use 2 or 3 units....it runs 4-4-4-12 fine at 800MHz.



Before you say it might be one of the chips. I've swapped them around countless times, and run Prime95 in 12 hour shifts. Works fine with 2 or 3, not with 4 unless I change the timing.

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Are you using more than one set of modules if so that is not the memory that is at fault and normal and DDR667 would be suggested. Did you test the modules one at a time at their tested settings?


I am running 2 sets, duel channel. I tested them one at a time, and confirmed through stress tests that it's not the memory. So basically, if I use 2 sets...each in duel channel. I can't run it at the low latency? Funny how it didn't mention that when I purchased it?


Why would DDR667 be suggested instead of DDR800 with a lower latency. Also, my motherboard is supposed to support 4 modules at DDR800.


my motherboard is the P5N-E sli. if this helps.

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There is more loading on the memory controller as you add more memory and it is normal to have to slow the memory down so the memory controller can access all of the memory you should also increase the NB MCH/SPP Voltage to +.2 volts as well.
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