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Problem of system stability with Asus P5Q3 Deluxe and TWIN3X2048-1333X9


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I have a problem with my system with this motherboard and RAM memories. I have tried in every way, changing the frequency and voltage of ram. In this way:

1333 MHz frequency, Vdimm = 1.60V and latency sett.9-9-9-24.

But there's nothing to do ... I tried to update the BIOS .... always the same thing .... the system hangs ... typical blue screen of Windows!

Lengendo on this forum, recommends putting a version of the BIOS to v.0704 ... now I'm trying.


I have read many forums, and I noticed that I am not the only one to have this kind of problem.

It seems that both the Bios that the Intel P45 chipset can not handle this type of problem .... I even wrote all'ASUS but not yet satisfy me.

Can you help me?


Excuse me for my English ... but I am Italian:):D:


Thank you,

Ciao a tutti

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Please try and set the memory Voltage to 1.8 Volts and test the system with http://www.memtest.org.


Thanks for your reply.

I think the problem is due to software dell'Asus' EPU '.

In fact, recently have made a patch available on the official website:

'EPU-Six Engine Patch Utility.Fix instable system issues when using certain memory modules with EPU-Six Engine. '

I installed the patch and released the latest BIOS upgrade. If not I will be testing with the voltage to 1.8 V memories of RAM.

Thanks again:sunglasse

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NP Please let us know!



Unfortunately, my system is not yet stable with the updated patch EPU dell'Asus.


I sent an email to Asus for inforamzioni about my problem. According to them is the power supply. I think it is quite strange because I installed a 600 Watt, and I have a single video card.


I did the test of memories with a 1.8V memtest .... I found no fault with:)

I just put the voltage to 1.68V ... because I'm afraid of burning ... In your 1.8V is not too much for my memories?

I set the BIOS so:

Dram frequency: 1333 MHz

Dram timing control: 9-9-9-24

Dram static read control: Enable

Dram write dynamic control: disable

Dram read training: disable

Dram write training: Disable

Mem.OC charger: enable

For the clock twister: auto

For the transaction booster: auto

Dram voltage: 1.68 V


Do you fit these settings?


The system is not yet stable with this approach.

I checked the ram with CPU-Z:

Dram freq.667.1 Mhz

Latency ... :9-9-9-24

command rate: 2T

Voltage: 1.5V


How is it possible? Is normal ... or something's wrong overridden the bios?

Thanks for your help.

Yours sincerely

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I managed to stabilize the system bringing the Bios version 0704 and set the parameters of Ram in the BIOS as follows:

Frequency: 1333MHz

Vdimm = 1.60V

Latency sett. :9-9-9-24


The only problem now that the actual frequency of ram with the operating system Windows Vista 32bit is around 680Mhz in dual Channel. Indeed with the tools I CPU-Z 680.6MHz indicates DRAM frenquency .... is too low!

According to her as I could increase the frequency of Ram?

I fear that the Ram voltage of 1.8V to be too in my opinion.. But you are the expert:D:

Let me know, thanks

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