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slow driver


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It really slow. I just got it 5 days ago, from newegg.com.

It says it will take like 1 hour to transfer 600mb of files (like 600 files),,,and theres no way in heck that thats the speed of this thing, In that benchmark program, it says its getting like 6mb write speed, but when actually transfering, its more like 80k, which is what windows reported. I tryed to format the drive, make it ntfs, and fat32,,,neither one showed better performence.

I would jus get an exchance from newegg.com but then i could not get the mail in rebate,,putting this drive down to $20 for me, lol


So how would I RMA? do i have to send it back first? cause i really have to have a flash drive,,, i cant be without one,,,,so could we would out like a deposite deal, where i put money down, like cc number, then u send one, then i send the old one back???

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