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Mail-in-rebate refused

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Dear tech support,


I will tell you what happened::confused:


1. On the february 26, I received my CM2X1024-6400C4 from http://www.tigerdirect.ca.


2. I then posted the $40 mail-in rebate.


3. After more than two months, I finally received a check by mail.


4. I went to the bank in order to cash it, but I then realized it would be void if cashed before august 18. So I said to myself: "Oh boy, this is far..."


5. So I waited. Right after the august 18, I went back to the bank in order to cash it.


6. Yesterday, I received a letter by mail saying that the Corsair account was closed! Hence the bank charged me $15 in fees because the check didn't went through.


7. So right now, there is $55 dollars missing in my wallet.


What happened and why didn't the check went through? What should I do?


Thank you,


The Smith

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The check didn't go through because you waited until AFTER the August 18 date. I doubt there is anything you can do. I learned a long time ago, when I sat on a rebate check and noticed that I only had two more days to cash it, to never sit on a rebate check. Cash them right away.
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I went to cash it right away when I received it, and the women at the bank told me it was not valid before the august 18, 2008. She then showed me that it was clearly written: "Void if cashed before august 18, 2008"


Edit: I will provide a picture of the check when I get back home.

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I am sorry about that but Rebates are not done by us and I would contact the rebate company and see what they say if they will not or cannot help you then please call and talk to our customer service.



Edit: Please post image shot of the check as I would like to see it or email it to me ramguy@corsairmemory.com and please include a link to this post and a put ATT: Ram Guy in the Subject line...

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Dear everyone,


Well, I re-read the check again and you were right: It is written Void if NOT cashed before 08/14/2008.


lol so I got confused by the women at the bank. I remember very well she said it was not valid before the 18th. I guess she had some difficulties to read english...(I live in a french province) And me to trust what she said...


All in all, this is my fault. So sorry for disturbing. Mods feel free to delete this thread if you want to do so.


Thank you very much everyone.

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wow, good deal!

just so you and everyone else knows, it is against federal law to post date a check. i know we may all do it from time to time but it is the law at least here in the US. its also illegal to write a check for more than you have in the account. even if you plan to make a cash deposit that day, also federal law. if you have overdraft protection that is the only excuse.

once a check is endorsed it is payable regardless of the date.


sorry you went through that!

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