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Problems with 1gig+ on Asus P5Q Pro and 2xTWIN2X2048-8500C5D


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Hi there RAM people,


I seem to be having a problem POST-ing with more than 1gig of Ram.


I also have an old Kingston gig stick of ram, @800mhz which seems to work at all times [i assume because of the 800mhz].


I can't seem to get the Corsair to boot up. Sometimes it works with Auto, a few times I've gotten it to work by setting the timings and volt myself as it says on the Stick: 5-5-5-15 2.2volts


Sometimes I can get 2gigs to work but as soon as I try for 4 it won't POST and after that not even 1 stick of Corsair will work until I put in the old Kingston, Check the settings, change them, turn off the pc, install the Corsair , and turn on again. Again then I can only get either 1 or 2 sticks to work, never 4.


What am I missing? :(:

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First I would make sure that you do not have a failing memory module or motherboard. Please load setup defaults in the BIOS and set the memory voltage to 2.1 volts. I would then test each module in the slot closest to the CPU with http://www.memtest.org. Let us know your results, as long as you do not get any errors then we should be able to get these modules running for you.
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