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750TX problems


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I have been having intermittent problems with my new build.


1. Turn on pc and it will fire up, then stop with lights going out, then power back on and boot up fine. This is about a 5 second process.


2. Turn on pc and everything appears to be working normally but there's nothing on the monitor. I sometimes see a message that the pc is in a power save mode.


These are both intermittent and don't happen everytime but enough to worry me something is amiss. I will try the paperclip test and see what happens but looking for any suggestions as well. In the bios, I have it set for optimized defaults but unsure if I need to change anything.




MSI K9N2 Plat

Corsair 750TX

DDR2 800 2x2gb


All parts are new and under two weeks old.


Thanks in advance,



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