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Voyager 8GB CMFUSB2.0-8GB USB plug getting loose


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I've had this product for a while now and I got to say it's brilliant, I impressed a lot of people with it, how fast it is and all.


Unfortunately I noticed today that it wasn't recognized on the PC I've been using it with for ages. After a bit of fiddling, I realized that the plug on the flash drive is getting loose :[pouts: and an absence of contact made the drive not being recognized by the PC. Or anything for that matters.


I still manage to get it to work if I make sure it's uplifted just enough so that the contact is still made, but the more I'm forced to do this the sooner it'll eventually break apart...


I've never forced the drive in a bad way, it's never fallen, it's never been hit while being in a USB port... Could this be a weakness in the armor of these beauties?


Thank you.

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