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Bad stick of RAM


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Hi Ramguy.


I've had 2 sticks of CMX1024 - 3200C2PT in my machine for 2 years now. Today it randomly crashed with a BSOD win2k.sys error. It will not reboot into either safemode or XP now, as it crashes with different BSOD error messages before it loads.


I pulled out one of the sticks, and everything works normal. If I put the bad stick back in either slot, the same random BSOD's come up. It happens alone or with both sticks in it. I can however use the good working stick in either memory slot, and experience no problems. This leads me to believe the one stick is bad.


Would I be able to get an RMA for one stick, so I can still continue to use my machine in the interim? I really can't afford to have the machine down. Thanks.

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