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voltage question


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i have TWIN3X2048-1333C9 comprising of two CM3X1024-1333C9 modules and it says "1.70V ver1.1" so thats 1.70volt ram right???. ive been looking around at motherboards and no DDR3 boards go above 1.5volt sockets. i dont know much/anything about overclocking, and definetly nothing about overvoltage except it can harm components if not done correctly or to much or something.


i guess my question is this. do i have to overvoltage the motherboard ram sockets and what info do i need to know so i dont break anything. and any other info thats relevant that would be good for me to know


(by the way.im buying the parts for a new system im putting together bit by bit and i havent chosen a motherboard to buy yet, so please dont ask what motherboard) but i do have a core 2 duo E8500 cpu


*edit* i had the model number completly wrong... fixed it

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Correct, 1.70v, and DDR3 motherboards do have the ability to use that setting.


Here's a list of motherboards compatible with this memory:



Note: If you're thinking of going up to 4 GB later, it's better to get a 4 GB (2x2GB) pack now, rather than getting two 2 GB packs (4x1GB).

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