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Help needed with HX1000


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I just purchased a Corsair HX 1000 PSU. I am planning to use this power supply with a new build. The plan was to test this supply on an older build of mine (around 3+ years old):

Motherboard: ASUS A7N8X (uses a 20 pin ATX connector for power)

CPU: AMD 2800 XP



When I hook up the Corsair HX 1000 to this old system (only used the 20 pin ATX connector, a couple of 4 pin peripheral connectors for the case fans, HDD, and one for the fan mounted on the heat sink) I see all the fans working including the fan on the HX 1000 and the fan on the heat sink so I know the power supply seems to be working. However my display remains blank?


If I replace the HX 1000 with the older Antec 430W supply the older build boots up just fine. Any idea of what may be going on? Is it because some component (maybe the motherboard) from my older build is incompatible with the 1000 HX?



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Its possible that there could be a compatibility issue. You may want to check the motherboard manual and see if the board supports ATX 12v 2.0 or later. Normally you will find this information in the specifications summary in the manual.
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