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Dead new Motherboard will not post


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I just purchased Mobo, processor & 2 sticks of your memory and am trying to use it in asus m2n-mx se plus motherboard and wish to verify if it would work ? It does not post no beeps at all only the fans run and the on board led lights up and power led.


I don’t have any other motherboards to test with at this time. What are your thoughts ?


I have been to the configurator page on your website but can’t find what I purchased or can’t identify it. Here is what I find on the website…. TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX but is that the same as what I bought : Twin2X2048-6400C4D cause I can’t find this on the list at all. Will what I have work ?

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Yes they are basically the same part, the Dominator version is no longer available, only the DHX version is available at that speed grade. However, you should not mix them if you did on your MB and CPU you will be limited to DDR667.
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