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ECS G31T-M & Needs RAM


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I have been combing the internet looking for a couple sticks of Corsair RAM, module #CM2X1024-6400PRO for a system I had built about a year ago. This was the first system I have ever had someone else buld for me and probably the last. The system was delivered with a pair of Super*Talent 1GB DDR2-800 PC6400 CL5 sticks. I numerious stability issues whenever both sticks were installed. I could remove one or the other, use either slot and it runs fine, but together it would have random lockups. I changed out power supplies thinking it might be a power issue, but now luick there. The bios gives me no voltage adjustments so I just have to run what I got.


I decided maybe this RAM was fuxored, and bought a matched low latency pair from Geil (CL4). But without the ablity to alter the voltage I could only run this RAM at CL 5 settings. This failed to correct the problem, so I contacted ECS. They informed me that I had to use ram from their qualified vendor list. However, all the names reflect aisan manufacturers that are unavailble in the states with the exception of Corsair.


The only approved Corsair DDR2 800 ram is the CM2X1024-6400Pro, which nobody has anymore. The OS is a fresh install, so I would prefer not to replace the mobo and just find a couple ! gig sticks that will work with this POS mobo.


Thanks in advance,


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