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4gb flash voyager problem


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umm this is weird.in the win xp disk management utility i found out that there is 2 partitions created on the voyager.one is unallocated and that's the problem.another problem is that windows won't let me to delete the unallocated partition.any help?
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alright. after few hours i solved the problem. thanks to Paragon Partition Manager 9.0. Partition Magic didn't even find the voyager.

Now I'm just wondering what's the right speed of this 4gb voyager.

I run HDBENCH and it shows read speed of 17063 and write is 5819.Is that ok?

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You will need to delete the partition on the drive and then re-format the drive.

You can use a Win9X BOOT disk from http://www.bootdisk.com or you can search for the HP Flash Utility it will often times allow you to format the drive in windows.


I have a similar problem, but it doesn't have two partitions. Just one 2Gb partition.

I tried the HP utility first... then I tried the boot disk and fdisk.

Nothing seems to give me back the full 4 Gb capacity.


Any ideas?

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