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Toshiba A210 doesn't start anymore...


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I installed 2x2GB of memory on my Toshiba A210...


When installing them both (2x2GB) for the first time they work OK, shows 4GB and works perfect. After restarting, nothing except the black screen.


Installing one 2GB(#1) + 500MB... works fine.


Installing one 2GB(#2) + 500MB... doesn't work (black screen again).


Installing one 2GB(#1)... works fine.


Installing one 2GB(#2)... doesn't work (black screen again).


now after one week I tried them together again and they worked for the first boot, then after restarting, guess what... black screen again.


Now what was suggested to me (obviously) is that #2 doesn't work.... but the question is why when I install it with the #1 they work on sometimes?



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