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I've encountered a similar problem - been using the drives on my XP Professional (SP2) system for a year or two. I just got a new laptop - OS Vista Home Premium. As soon as I used the drives with Vista they wouldn't read on XP - got the same error message reported above. I can still read them on the Vista laptop but not on the XP desktop.


Wonder what Vista is doing differently - I'm also wondering if the XP SP3 update might resolve the problem.


Anyway, take the drives back to your Vista system and see if you can read them there - you might still be able to recover the data.

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I have had the exact same problem and discovered that it is definitely power related. (in my case anyway). It seems that the stick is a bit heavy on the juice, but it shouldn’t be a problem for most of the computer out there. I suggest you look at what you current power supply you have and if it’s enough for all you hardware requirements. If your computer struggles to power a USB stick then it’s only the beginning of your problems. Any new hardware you add may have an adverse effect on your rig. You might even blow some critical stuff.


Unplug any power hungery (especially USB devices) hardware before you use the stick and see if it helps. Hopefully it hasn’t been damaged yet be the power surge.



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