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620HX died, UK warranty


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my 620HX psu has died suddenly :0(

I'm in the UK, what's the deal with the 5 year warranty, can't find any details for the UK corsair office if there is one...

Could anyone give me any advice how to proceed, original reseller doesn't want to know as was bought 1yr2mths ago, RMA'd on US site but no response yet.

Thanks for any help in advance :biggrin:,


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Did you get a case number for the RMA? I would recommend that you try the PSU functionality test. If the PSU powers on and stays on, then there may be some other issue. If this is the case then I would recommend testing the PSU in a different system to be sure. If the PSU is still not powering on properly then let us know and we will be happy to replace it!
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I turned my PC, power flicked on then off, breaker had been tripped on the rooms power circuit. 10 amp fuse was blown on PC power cord. removed psu from case, shorted green wire on power connector to force the psu on - doesn't do anything :0(


From: noreply_tsx@corsairmemory.com

Sent: Sat 9/20/08 2:48 PM

To: thcforme_hotmail.com


Please do not reply directly to this e-mail as this address is not monitored. Dear Valued Customer, Your RMA request was received on 9/20/2008 9:48:55 AM. We will review this request as soon as possible, and respond to you with an RMA number or further suggestions/requests. Thank You!

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Thanks for the info, got ther RMA docs.

Shipping this PSU to the Netherlands is gonna cost me about £30!!!

Is there any corsair account I can use to get this item shipped back? This is a ridiculously expensive to get resolved for me otherwise :s

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