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Survivor 16 Gb problem with larger files


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I have recently buyed 2 Survivor 16 Gb and I can't transfer big files such as DVD ISO images.

sometimes i can put one( but with errors) but the second tell me that the "disk is full". if I try with small files it works.

I have formated the flash in NTFS and FAT32 and is the same problem.

I tried to put a movie from a DV tape ( about 13 Gb) and at one moment the device simply disapeared from the pc. and of course the computer hang and needed a reset.

it is normal to do that or is it me ( and my computers).

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As I mentioned I tried NTFS and I have the same problem.

i didn't yet tried the XP but somehow I managed to transfer the big files. I think the problem is either with my systems or the flash has some bad byte some where.

there is a checking software? like memtest ?

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