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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D + ASUS P5Q Deluxe


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Hi there!


I seareched the web and especially this forum for a solution but wasn't able to find anything helpfull yet.


The computer wouldn't boot at all (like if no memory was installed at all). I had the chips in the two yellow slots. When removing the chip in the channel 2 slot the computer would boot fine. When I moved the remaining chip to the B-slot of channel 1 without refitting the second chip the computer would'nt boot again. The computer would only boot with the one chip in either the A-slot of channel 1 or 2 (thus the yellow slots). If I installed the chip in any of the two other slots or swapped the chip the computer would'nt boot anymore. I tested the mainboard with some DDR2-800 I had spare and it would boot fine with any combination of the DDR2-800 chips in the memory slots.


I had no overclocking features enabled on the motherboard at that time, thus most options set to "Auto".

The computer would boot fine using alternative memory.

While searching this forum I read something, that Dominator chips have problems with some of the P5Q's USB settings or something. Might this be the issue? Any other solutions for my problem?


Greets and thank you



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Whichever my BIOS assigns using the "Auto" option - I think it was 2.1 voltage. However - when both sticks (I believe I misused the word chip in my previous post) are installed, I cannot even access BIOS to change those settings.

That shouldn't be the case for most "normal" voltages (1.8-2.2), or?

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I just tried both and none would work as soon as I plugged the second stick into the mb. Actually nothing worked at all, when I plugged that one stick into the mb. As soon as that one stick is in the board, it doesn't work anymore, the other stick works fine, as long as it is alone. Actually I'm pretty sure that the other stick is not functional.
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