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Which memory is compatible with my ASUS P5Q3 DELUXE WIFI-AP motherboard


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Hi this is my first post and I would appreciate any help you could give me. I have an ASUS P5Q3 DELUXE WIFI-AP motherboard and I would like to know which Corsair memory is the most compatible. I am thinking of going for DDR3 1600 memory. The modules I have seen are the following:





Of the two which is the most compatible with my new motherboard and why? Also is there any other memory that I should consider that is more compatible then the 2 above?


Any help on the above questions would be most appreciated.


Kind Regards



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greetings to all based on the web site says


Details for Asus P5Q3 Deluxe WiFi-AP


Maximum Memory » 8GB

Expansion Slots » 4

CPU Socket Format » Socket 775

Chipset » Intel P45 Express (DDR3)

Vendor Website » Click here to view



the real correct value for this mobo is Max 16 gigs not 8 gigs



can some one tell me is it wrong in this mobo to put in 4 (2 gig modules) running at 1600 mhz so the total is 8 gigs in windows 7 64 bit operating system ?

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