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vx550/p5q pro problem


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i have a problem with my recently build pc - random reboots.

For the first 3 days everything was OK , and then something went wrong and my pc started to reboot itself after a random amount of time (under two different os, in mem test, during iddle,under load , no pattern).


In bios my mobo shows some abnormal voltages:

3.3v - 2.8V

5v - 6v

12v - 14v

(But i checked them with voltage tester on 8pin and hdd power cable and they were good)


So i borrowed chieftec 400W from a friend and problem stopped.(in bios voltages were finally normal)

The funny part is that in his rig my psu works great.

Recently problem got even worse ,my pc won't post or it restarts during boot after pluging into psu second drive (hdd or dvd).With one i can at least boot into windows.

A week ago i went to another friend who has similiar rig to mine (p5q pro mobo,radeon 4870,******** memory), plug my psu into his rig and the same thing happened - his pc didn't post.After pluging back his psu problems went away.

I rma mobo and psu to the place of purchase so they could test them.I got response that everything is ok and 30$ bill :|

It's not a memory problem , because the same thing happend to me with dominator 8500.

I think it's something wrong with p5q pro/vx550 combo, but i would love to hear Ram guy opinion.

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Thanks for the reply.

No , i only had problems with rigs that had asus p5q pro motherboard inside ...(my and my friend's pc).

The third pc was some asus sli mobo and psu was working just fine ....

Which is very strange because i have never heard of psu/mobo incompatibility

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If you only have problems on the P5Q Pro, then I would update the BIOS and then clear the CMOS on the board. You may also want to run http://www.memtest.org on your system to make sure you do not have any errors. If the PSU is faulty, then you can expect that it would fail on every system you try it on. If it works in a different system, then the PSU may not be the problem.
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