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Ram Guy Need Your Input!!

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P4 3.0c IC7MAX3 CORSAIR XMS PC3200 ddr geforce FX 5900 ultra maxtor SATA 120gb HD ok RAMGUY you are my last hope!! i bought my MAX 3 so i could get into O/Cing. evrytime i go into my bios and A) bump up my FSB B)set the game accelerator function to TURBO(least aggresive of 3 choices) then save my settings, my computer post through a few screens, then on the screen before the windows logo appears......i get a message stating...DISK BOOT FAILURE...insert system disk and press enter. ive gone on several forums and done many things to remedy this. reformatted my hard drive, put in my windows boot disk when prompted, messed with the voltage(vcore and ddr), changed timings on my RAM....NOTHING seems to work and NOONE knows what is causing this. in the forums a couple of peeps said they recieved the same message, but offered no solution. like i said, i got this board so i can O/C. you are wise and knowledgeable in the ways of RAM and O/Cing. if you cant help, i guess ill just give up the dream! thanks P.S. could it be my RAM?,if so why would i get a DISK BOOT FAILURE message?
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