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OC unstable with Corsair Dominator


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Hello everyone,

I need some help with my Corsair memory.


I don't know more the than I can do, I already increased the voltage of the proc, NB and even of the memory for 2.3 and nothing happens, it doesn't turn 3 seconds of Prime95


When i set the FSB for 425X8 I only have two options for memo, 850Mhz or 1133Mhz, I did a test leaving 850Mhz and it has passed 10 minutes without error in Prime, but put for 1133 the system does not run 3 seconds Prime, later i set memory in AUTO and rampage puts as automatically to 850 as default with 5-5-5-18 and prime run stable for 10 minutes as well, in other words, same configuration I did manually.


What configurations can I change? What am doing wrong?

I see other people turning the memory Corsair up to 1200 or more and here I don't get to put in 1133. I will have to increase the voltage for 2.4? The manufacturer recommends 2.1.



Follow settings in BIOS.



CPU Feature

Ai Overclock Tuner: Manual

OC From CPU Level Up: Auto

CPU Ratio Setting: 8

FSB Frequency: 425

FSB Strap to North Bridge: 400

PCI-E Frequency: 100


DRAM Settings

DRAM Frequency: DDR2-1133

DRAM Command Rate: 2N

DRAM Timing Control: Manual

CAS# Latency: 5

RAS# to CAS# Delay: 5

RAS# Precharge: 5

RAS# ActivateTime: 15 ( I already tried with 18 here )

RAS# to RAS# Delay: Auto

Row Refresh Cycle Time: Auto

Write Recovery Time: Auto

Read to Precharge Time: Auto

Read to Write Delay (S/D) : Auto

Write to Read Delay (S): Auto

Write to Read Delay (D): Auto

Read to Read Delay (S): Auto

Read to Read Delay (D): Auto

Write to Write Delay (S): Auto

Write to Write Delay (D): Auto

DRAM Static Read Control: Disabled ( I already tried with ENABLE here )

Ai Clock Twister: AUTO

Transaction Booster: Auto ( I already tried with DISABLE value 10 here )


Voltage Settings

CPU Voltage: 1.3125 ( Tried until 1.3585 )


North Bridge Voltage: 1.35 ( Tried until 1.59 )

DRAM Voltage: 2.1 v ( Tried until 2.3 )

FSB Termination Voltage: AUTO ( Tried with 1.4 )

South Bridge Voltage: 1.1 ( Tried with com 1.10 )

Loadline Calibration: Enabled

CPU GTL Reference: X0.63

North Bridge GTL Reference: X0.67

DDR2 Channel A REF Voltage: Auto

DDR2 Channel B REF Voltage: Auto

DDR2 Controller REF Voltage: Auto

SB 1.5V Voltage: Auto


NB LED Selection: NB Volt

SB LED Selection: SB Volt

CPU LED Selection: CPU Volt

Voltiminder LED: Disabled


CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum: Disabled


Advanced CPU Configuration

CPU Ratio Setting: 8

C1E Suppport: Disabled

CPU TM Function: Disabled

Vanderpool Technology: Disabled

Execute Disable Bit: Enabled

Max CPUID Value Limit: Disabled


Many thanks for help

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I have similar memory like yours...but i think the RAM is only rated at 5-5-5-18 at 1100 or more. Try lower the timing and FSB....also dont put more than 2.1v for RAM Voltage even if you have active cooling for your RAM. You will void the warranty. Besides I dont think it will do any better. Can your system run stable with FSB 400? Honestly with mine, I have Q9550 (C1), I cant even do more than 413x8.5 (that's about 1101Mhz for the RAM).


PS: Please be patient...I am sure Derek can help you...

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Hi kuailan, thanks for reply.

My system stable at 3.2Ghz with 1066 Dram memory and 5-5-5-15.

But i need up anymore my OC and the problem is Corsair memory not stable with 1133Mhz.

I'm waiting Derek then.


Thx man.



Dont expect too much though....everyone have different memory...It may be possible to go for higher speed but you have to sacrifice performance (timing). But honestly, I would rather go for timing.


PS: if you look at the trophy room section of this forum...even the highest memory speed so far for this RAM is 1123Mhz. Therefore dont be too disheartened if you cant do 1133.

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Overclocking DDR2 DRAM is not really all that beneficial anymore unless you go with the old 1GB Micron modules and only in a two slot population. Otherwise DDR2 has had its day and there is no more of the higher end DDR2 overclocking DRAM. This move has been transitioned to the DDR3 stage and there are great differences in models, ic manufacturers so it is a good idea to research heavily before purchasing DDR3 as some overclocks very well and some does not. There are no DDR2 modules still being fabbed that will give highly or even moderately highly overclocks. Just as there are no DDR DRAM modules that will overclock well. I have four sets of 1066Mhz DDR2. I migrated to the 2GB modules and when I did that, the ability to overclock that I had with the 1GB modules (Micron D9GMH) was completely gone. I can make no higher than 1115Mhz on the 2GB modules and one set can only make 1090.


This is to be expected and I will live with it until I decide to transition to DDR3 but that will not be for another year or so when the release of the second iteration of Nehalem is released.


Prime is passing because your CPU has no problem with the overclock. The DRAM is 1066 and might make 1100 if you keep to 5-5-5-18. I do not drive my Northbridge higher than 1.55v. I do not raise the CPU VTT any higher than 1.25v.

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