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Problems with Corsair Vx 450


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I have replaced and old Chieftech 350w psu with the corsair vx450.

The pc has 3 extra fan to cool the hdds..now this 3 fan make an horrible noise

(i think they run a lot faster),and the pc has boot problems (black screen,boot failure);however the cpu fan and the vx450 fan seems to work normally.

I have replaced the vx 450 with the old chieftech,and now it's all ok,the 3 fans works normally at regular speed with low noise..

Is the VX450 giving too energy or too amperes to my motherboard (because fans run faster)?

I'm going to try the corsair psu on another pc.


My Pc:


2gb ram

2 optical units


motherboard gigabyte p35-ds3l

ati 1950pro pcie

xfi extreme music


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The vx450 seems to works good,without problems,on a second pc (athlon 3000+,asus motherboard,radeon 9200,1hd,2 optical units..)


Yes,i have loaded the bios safe defaults..now i'm trying the corsair on this core2 pc,and it's working (but something pc doesn't boot) but the 3 extra fans still make an horrible noise so they doesn't work normally (too volts?too amperes?)...so i can't still use them :(

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The primary system sometimes had boot problems but now it seems ok (i'm using it)

the secondary system works ok with the psu.

The 3 fans are powered by the psu,i have downvolted them,so they now run slower and make less noise..(but still a bit more noise that with the chieftech)

so i think the corsair give more energy to these fan than the old chieftech.

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I would agree with you, depending on which molex connectors are being used you may get slightly different results. Some molex connectors are "Fan Only" connectors and will usually deliver less power than a standard molex. You should be able to pick up some "Fan Only" molex adapters which will slow down your fans.
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