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Recommended RAM for the following system


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Hi Guys,


I have been reading through the forums and would first like to thank everyone for the knowledge I have received just by reading everything. Secondly I need a pose a question, that has probably been asked before.


I am looking to build a top of the line desktop PC for myself. I am planning on using the Intel QX770 processor (3.2ghz quad-core, 1600mhz FSB, 12mb L2). Along with an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard. I would like to know what the best RAM is I can put in this board. I am trying to decide between the TWIN3X40961600C7DHXIN and the TWIN3X40961600C7DHX. I have already gone through the Memory Configurator. I am simply asking your opinion on which one is the best bet.


My gut is telling to me to go with the TWIN3X40961600C7DHXIN but my wallet says TWIN3X40961600C7DHX.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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The parts are the same only difference is the part that ends in "IN" will have the EMP Profiles and the reason Wired suggested the one with out it was it is best to set the settings manually on that MB and the Non "IN" part is cheaper.
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