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Error installing memory in Dell PowerEdge T105


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I have a Dell PowerEdge T105 - came w/4 512 MB memory - bought 4 VS2GB667D2 sticks -


When I try and install the memory the dell always boots with the message "a fatal error has caused system reset"


I get this error whether I place 1 stick, 2 or 4 - when I go into the system utility the memory size, type and speed show 2GB (or 4, 8..) DDR2 SDRAM and 667MHz.


most of the time I can't even get into the error log but when I can I see the following message(s)

unrecoverable eec error dim 1,1

or dim 3,4 or dim 4,8


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,

Kevin Barker

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I bought the memory at Fry's Computer Store. I took in a 512MB stick from the PC and that is what they sold me. I also looked (after the fact on the Crucial memory site) They refererence a 2GB DDR2 PC2-5300 memory stick for use in this computer.


So Fry's said it should work. If you think they are wrong then please let me know - Fry's won't take it back without charging me a restocking fee unless I show them that it is incorrect.


Thanks for your help!


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