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TX750 noise


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Hello, I have a question regarding TX750.

I mounted it in a Tacens Algeo case, very silent case, but it has a negative feature, the PSU must be mounted in the top, so the fan of the PSU take air from the inside.

The PSU is a little loud, it is most noises part in the system (I already made the test adding piece after piece). But in my point of view it is not a matter of quality of fan, but the high volume of ait moved in a little space.

I read that the fan is thermocontrolled, so I am thinking to mount the PSU upside down, so the fan will take fresh air from the top from outside, then the temperature inside PSU will be lower, and maybe the fan speed will be lower too.

Do you think I can do this job ?


Otherwise I will be forced to open the PSU and change the fan with a more silent or slower one (I know I will lose the guarantee) or remove the plastic baffle

I use my PC also for video and music and noise is not my favourite friend.

In addition after 1-2 hours of stressing (gaming), putting my hand in the rear part of the PSU I don’t fell high temperature, so I think the fan is more power than necessary or my system doesn't required much power at the moment.


Thank you


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The speed of the fan is controller by the loading on the PSU. Normally the fan will not speed up until you get close to 50% loading on the PSU. It is unlikely that flipping the PSU upside down would drop the noise any. We can try replacing the unit for you if you think it is louder than it should be, but its hard to say at this point if a replacement would resolve the issues.
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