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Bad 620HX?


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I'm hoping you can help me diagnose some random reboots that started after a few months of stable computing. I have been looking for issues with the CPU, motherboard and memory (TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHXIN) to no avail. The reboots are truly random, it can happen during web browsing, stress testing, IDLE, etc...


I have disabled the Vista automatic reboot and still do not receive a BSOD so I've ruled out the OS.


Here are my PSU readings which seem low to me (taken from the BIOS on my Intel DX38BT):

12V = 11.875V

5V = 4.895V

3.3V = 3.21V

1.5V = 1.171

Vccp = 1.242V

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Thanks Wired. Does anyone know if the other voltages are OK?


You may need to contact Intel regarding the other voltages. The VCCP looks like it may be your CPU voltage, but I could not tell you where the 1.5 voltage reading is coming from.

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No problem at all, let us know what you find out!


It looks like the new timings did the trick! :biggrin:


I'm not sure how these random reboots only appeared 6 months after the system was built but I'm glad they're gone now...


Thanks again for the help.

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