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Corsair Flash Voyager SLC available?


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My first post;

I read there where some issues with flash memory, and the Corsair Flash Voyager GT series +16GB where equipped with MLC chips.


I wondered if I could still get my hands on a 8GB SLC USB flash device.

Reason being, I want to install an OS on it; and feel that SLC is definatly a must!


Too sad no SLC 16GB USB drives are being made; they would be perfect for hosting WinXP OS comfortably!

Allthough with some trimming one could fit XP on an 8GB device as well (with some basic programs installed).


anyways, I hope 8GB SLC sticks are still arround!


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How can we differentiate between SLC and MLC; preferably before purchasing it?

Is there a model number that we can deduct the type out of?


If possible I'd like to request for a small batch in production again of 8 and 16GB SLC flash drives, meant as OS drive; with the flash prices falling, and most of them are on a die shrink, I think SLC drives are still desired (for OS drive).

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I'm on the hunt looking for a New Corsair Voyager 8gb with SLC flash. I'm trying to find one before friday as I'm going to use this to install windows 7 professional.


Reality is setting in that I'm not going to be able to find one. In which case, I might settle for a 16gb voyager flash drive. Whats the difference between the voyager 16gb and the voyager gt 16gb if both of them use MLC flash? Would the smaller 8gb voyager be approximately the same speed as the 16gb voyager?


If you have any benchmarks or links that would be great.

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Just purchased a new Flash Voyager GT 16GB (MLC) to replace my ageing

Flash Voyager GT 8GB (SLC). I then copied a 555MB file several times to

each flash drive. Times were:

Old (SLC) 8GB GT: 25.5 seconds

New (MLC) 16GB GT: 47.8 seconds

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