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Dominator 2x2GB 8500C5D - got a bad chip


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I have version 1.1 chips and installing on an Asus Rampage Formula motherboard with the latest BIOS.


I only installed 1 chip at first, and was able to boot up and install Windows XP. No problems.


Then when I installed the 2nd chip in dual mode, it wouldn't boot up. No blue screen, no error codes, nothing. Just a black screen.


So I took out the original chip, placed the 2nd chip in its slot, and it wouldn't boot up that way either. It would power up, meaning my fans and lights would all turn on, but just a plain black screen.


Everytime I wanted to change settings in BIOS I have to replace the chip with the good one, then put the bad one back in. I tried it on 2.1V and 2.2V, and on 800mhz. It wouldn't boot up, whether it was in dual mode or by itself it didn't matter.


Now, even with my good chip, when I change the BIOS settings to 1066mhz, 5-5-5-15 (what it is supposed to be able to run at), I get a screen that says overclocking failed. It gives me an option to press F1 for bios or F2 to continue to OS.


Is there something else I can try or should I just fill out an RMA form? It sounds like I got a bad set.

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