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HX1000 Rail Distribution. I am totally confused.


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I just purchased this monster PSU. So far so good but a big question remains: which of the two 12V rails do the hardwired PCIE connectors use?


This is not explained anywhere in the manual, and web reviews have confusing information about this. Johnnyguru says hardwired PCIE connectors are using 12V2 while HardOCP tells that 12V1 has a total of four PCIE-connectors, and 12V2 only 2 indicating that hardwired connectors would be using 12V1. :confused::confused:


In Corsair Support Forum also have confusing information about this::confused::confused:


In most systems it shouldn't matter too much, but the ideal way to set it up would be to use the fixed PCIE cables first, and then use the 12v2 ports to balance the load. The fixed cables are on 12v1.


I have had some inquiries about how the HX-1000w rails are distributed. So, here's a helpful diagram for you.




GPU 1 & 2 – 12V2 / CPU & GPU3 - 12V1





I am totally confused. Which 12V rail do the hardwired PCIE connectors use?


Help me please.:confused::confused:

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