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P5Q3 with 4 x CM3X1024-1333C9DHX


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Hi Guys


Have you any recommendations on what I should set in the bios for my specs?


I have been trying to get things stable (e.g. memtest) with these parameters. I have even tried trfc set to 110 but still get errors within the first 10 minutes of testing.


One thing to note is that legacy usb is set to on in my bios , since I am using a bootable usb and running memtest off it. In the forums it's been recommended to disable legacy usb support (but when I do this, I lose USB functionality). Should I test with a floppy instead ?


I have also read in the forums that if I am to use 4 sticks then I should lower the memory speed to 1066 - if I do this, would I lose a lot of performance? Could I then have tighter trfc timings (I think a loose trfc can also lead to bad memory performance). Should I get 2 X 2GB instead?


I haven't tried with default bios settings btw - is that something I should do first? (because I know this motherboard requires custom timings, and I've followed a few guideslines from the forums, but need an official answer on whether the 4x1GB modules are the issue or something else)


Would appreciate any help, thanks

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