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Hi all,


Just checked out my memory in cpu-z and it looks like the SPD is different on both of them (have attached the pics).


It looks like the part numbers are different and one of them doesnt have any JDEC info......


I bought this as a matched pair (in the same packet etc) - but this looks wrong? Any ideas? Should I return to the place I bought and get a replacement?


Thanks for your help!



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Same problem, but its RMA package

Got same problem, and find only now. After receive RMA I not think some think can be wrong, but RAM not work on 1066Mhz, and i work on 800Mhz think my MB dont want to work on 1066. :mad:


One RAM is CM2X1024-8500C5 Second CM2X1024-6400. Why Corsair not checking RAM where sending RMA, and again I must to ask RMA? :(:


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